Expertise «Driving of the professional training » :
Are the program of the formation and the proposed option coherent with your operational project?
Do you have an experienced and qualified staff, as well as the equipment and materials fitted to your goal?

ASAP France, bring its expertise in order to improve and optimise the use of equipment in an operational process, from the identification of the requirements to the operational implementation
In a context where the equipment and materials are constantly evolving and where the insecurity is characterized by more and more important threats, the driving of the professional training plays, more than ever, a determining role in the performance and the control of the environment.

ASAP France bring the expertise and operational experiences from staff from law enforcement, Specials Forces, and intelligences services, in order to allow each client to reach their goal and master the use of their equipment and material.

ASAP France, Areas Securization & Advanced Procedures is a company, bound to its customers by the obligation of satisfaction and the respect of its ethics.

Our courses are dedicated solely to state institutions in France or abroad, the Security and Defence ESSD of the maritime protection sector and private security companies.


  • Initial contact and assessment of the customer needs;
  • Proposal for a framework contract setting out the objectives, constraints and limits of the partnership.
  • Establishment of the collaboration according to a schedule, a process and a validated and controlled organization


  • Flexibility to adapt to the constraints of the company,
  • Trainers with solid experience in real-life danger situations and travel to risk areas,
  • A dual culture of risk management : Enterprise and State,
  • Integrated training in international higher education curricula.

The areas of expertise are broad.