The Jason’s Cradle® is used all over the world throughout the maritime industry. It has become an essential piece of equipment for all commercial and military vessels. Used around the globe by offshore, military, rescue agencies, coastguards, passenger liners, superyachts and RIB operators the Jason’s Cradle is the go to product for man overboard retrieval.
Since the implementation of SOLAS III/17-1 it is now incumbent on all commercial vessels to have in place effective plans and procedures for the retrieval of persons from the water. Jason’s Cradle® can help you to meet these regulations effectively and efficiently with a proven solution to man overboard retrieval.

BDS Tactical Gear is a leading manufacturer of tactical nylon gear to the US military, law enforcement agencies and private parties world wide. As a veteran owned and operated business (the entire management staff consists of US Marine veterans) we understand the importance of quality craftsmanship and durable materials. We have Been there and done that and know what works, and what does not.

Elite First Aid can manufacture any size, color and style of first aid, trauma, survival, military, CERT, K9, emergency or any other kit for any use from 1 to 500 people.

The MAS (March Applied System) is a compact, easy access, intuitive system with bespoke variations for Military, Law Enforcement, Fire, Ambulance and other agencies.
The concept for this equipment was borne out of the Operators demand for a system that not only carried medical items but had them in the order of treatment, easily accessible and secure. The MAS ensures the equipment can be accessed at speed and in times of stress or confusion, the equipment acts as a guide whether you are using MARCH (military) or CABCD (civilian).

LifeStraw® water filters convert contaminated water into clean, safe drinking water. LifeStraw® water filters comply with US Environmental Protection (EPA) 1987 Guide Standard and Protocol for Testing Microbiological Water Purifiers. Each product in the LifeStraw® portfolio is designed for a specific situation where safe water is needed but not readily available. LifeStraw offers specific products for international health and development as well as products sold to consumers for outdoor recreation, travel and daily hydration.