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We’ve been doing this for more than thirty years now. Our hardy gear is used by many Special Forces and tough military units who depend on our quality to get their job done. We’ve driven the jackets onto airstrips to meet waiting aeroplanes, we’ve sent boxes away to strange places in both the icy north and in hot deserts. What we make also works pretty well at home on a bad day.

The prestigious customers we serve forms a special roll of honour, and we are more than grateful to supply them and to be a small part of their history.

Back in the 80’s we developed a unique fabric aimed to be reliable and long serving, and we developed a dropliner system that supports our ripstop fabric. Every now and then garments made this way come back for reproofing and repairs and we’ll get them back into the field. Some of these jackets have their own stories to tell – of conflicts long over, of feats of the Endurance that is part of out Quality and Endurance motto, of things seen only by those people who wore them in distant places, of, indeed, forgotten fields.

The ethic of master craft is to build with the hands on and examine the things you make. Few can say this in the times of the big boast and the fast buck. Our technology aims at being tough, long lasting, discreet, intelligently dry, and as light it can be.

As ever, we thank our customers for sticking with us. After all, it’s only been thirty years

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